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Mr. Jaswant Singh Premi adopted his name from being a Batra to being named (Love...)or he became JS Premi from everyone calling him just that, Premi ji.  There are no words to describe him, so just see the videos and pics and note the Presidents and Prime Ministers among the media.   IK Gural (former Prime Minister), and Gian Zail Singh, (President of India at the time) were not political friends...they were true friends. But to meet them, he had to have a personality, patience, love and leadership beyond the normal mind while never speaking ill of anyone He was nothing without Love and Affection.  He told me that many times.  A self made and selfless man...He was called an Ambassador by many...He was superior.  He was a Hero of the World.

JS Premi Smile.jpg
JS Premi Young.jpg
JS Premi Portrait.jpg
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