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Ram Singh Batra

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Wanted by CBI/Interpol
Baljit Singh
211 Normandy Road

Edison, New Jersey

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Pending Arrest of Singh:
Neeru Batra
41/42 Punjabi Bagh
New Delhi

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Death Cert USA
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The Vysya Bank committed a globally recognized banking crime honoring a Power of Attorney after the death of the depositor.  Kindly note the obituary notice issued and advertised by RS Batra himself for the death ceremony on Sept 26, 1993....then in the picture above, a Vysya Bank Manager, Mrs SK Bajaj is at that function held on the 26th of September.  I have the original newspaper article of this very profound death announcement. Legally that is enough....CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THE POA was used on the 12th of October, 1993.   Mr. Premi passed away on Sept 22, 1993.  The bank has said it did not know of the death of Mr. Premi by October 12, 1993!   And proceeded to transfer 2.1 million dollars on the basis of two flimsy documents that were not notarized legally. 

The Vysya Bank and its predecessors or current management are an embarrassment to the Global Banking System, and the documents they altered and the absolute disregard for its depositors, such as the Late Mr. JS Premi, should be terrified to bank in India, in banks that honor these these shady and bribed tainted transactions. These officers are a menace to the system. 

The Fact that Baljit Singh is a witness to the The Power of Attorney below has been still blatantly denied by Baljit Singh after being questioned by the FBI.  This is not something you forget you did even 10 years later when you benefitted for 2.1 million dollars.  

Branch Doc A31.jpg
Branch Doc A71.jpg
Branch Doc A21_edited.png

This is a complete fraud to the point of disgust.  See the July 12th letter, PROVED TO BE A FORGERY, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FORENSIC REPORT.. No Notary, no description, just the name of Baljit Singh on a pre signed black piece of scrap paper, that was used AND ACCEPTED by the VYSYA transfer 2.1 million dollars.. and Baljit Singh denies all..does not know anyone at the Vysya Bank from his own words. Lies and bribery

The Vysya Bank used only two forged, unverified, unattested documents to transfer 2.1 million dollars into an account of a depositor that does not acknowledge any of these transactions.  And the bank has maintained thier position only because they are playing the justice system and the fact that it would take 28 years to get to hearing.   

Well we are in hearing, evidence is over and I have been cross examined.  Baljit Singh must be extradicted to continue the civil and criminal cases pending.  I have called on the USA Law Enforcement to help implement the RED NOTICE as noted.  

Neeru Batra will be arrested on the testimony of Baljit Singh as they have now spilt the money and gone their separate ways.

See their other conspiratory Bank accounts

Vysya Bank Documents

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